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 Ranking System!

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Ranking System! Empty
PostSubject: Ranking System!   Ranking System! Icon_minitimeSun May 29, 2011 1:28 am

The Ranking system lets you obtain rank within the crew, rank is basically the dedication towards our crew and for that deserves a reward. To earn more rank either: show up for meets, post alot without spamming, donate to the crew, and more.

The Ranking list will be completed soon so stay tuned (ranking will include a sweet pic underneath your username)

Amateur:Achieved at 10 posts Ranking System! AmateurRank
Noob: starting rank Ranking System! NoobRank

Specialty Ranks (Achieved though special means)
Founder(Admin only rank)Ranking System! FounderRank
Moderator(Moderator only Rank)Ranking System! ModeratorRank
Mechanic (Achieved through Displaying Mechanic expertise)Ranking System! MechanicRank
Fastest (Achieved though racing events *lasts one month and can be stolen by others*Ranking System! FastestRank
Pro Shot!:Given to 1st place at lazer tag(Stealable)Ranking System! ProShotRank
Specialist: Given to the top ranking BattleTech Pilot (stolen if Higher score is obtained or if challenged to a duel)Ranking System! SpecialistRank
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Ranking System!
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