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 Ranking System!

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PostSubject: Ranking System!   Sun May 29, 2011 1:28 am

The Ranking system lets you obtain rank within the crew, rank is basically the dedication towards our crew and for that deserves a reward. To earn more rank either: show up for meets, post alot without spamming, donate to the crew, and more.

The Ranking list will be completed soon so stay tuned (ranking will include a sweet pic underneath your username)

Amateur:Achieved at 10 posts
Noob: starting rank

Specialty Ranks (Achieved though special means)
Founder(Admin only rank)
Moderator(Moderator only Rank)
Mechanic (Achieved through Displaying Mechanic expertise)
Fastest (Achieved though racing events *lasts one month and can be stolen by others*
Pro Shot!:Given to 1st place at lazer tag(Stealable)
Specialist: Given to the top ranking BattleTech Pilot (stolen if Higher score is obtained or if challenged to a duel)
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Ranking System!
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