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 Zac's 1997 Integra

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Zac's 1997 Integra Empty
PostSubject: Zac's 1997 Integra   Zac's 1997 Integra Icon_minitimeSun Sep 18, 2011 3:57 am

So I got this car May 10, 2011. I wasn't really setting out to look for a Honda, but time was an issue and I couldn't beat the deal!

When I got the car, she was a unmolested one owner with a complete CarFax and maintenance history. The mileage on her was 136k and the price tag was $4,200. She had a small exhaust leak, needed a new radiator, and a passenger side axle; not too bad to be honest.

When I got her home, I looked up the low beam bulb size for shits and giggles to see if my HID setup would swap over from my BMW to the Teg. To my surprise they DID fit and I just about ran outside and swapped them out.

About a month and a half or so later she needed new brakes, so I went shopping around and found out that I would actually SAVE money by using a vendor from a forum that I am on and buying slotted and drilled rotors with ceramic pads. By this time the exhaust leak was starting to grind my gears, so I went hunting. I found a pretty decent crack on my resonator and got that taken out and new pipe in for $35.

All was well and I was content with her until I came across a Megan racing muffler for $75 and I had to jump on that for the price. The muffler was installed that day and I was in love with the tone spite it being a Honda.

For those who know, when I get my student grant money in and the money from selling my BMW, I will be putting in new tint and lowering the car with Megan racing lowering springs.

My future plans are:
Complete suspension overhaul (Coilovers, lower control arms, both strut bars, both lower tie bars, C pillar bar, H brace). Megan racing for all the parts I can get, and BLOX for the others.

Type R front lip, optional sides, 98-01 rear bumper, Type R spoiler.

Megan racing stainless steel header
Custom intake
New piping (cat back)

I want to boost her, but I'm not in a real rush for that
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Zac's 1997 Integra
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